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Strange Laws in California

California has a long list of weird laws that are far too easy to accidentally break. Here are just a few of the laws in California that you could be breaking without even knowing it.

Weird California Laws That Affect Women

  • Driving in a Housecoat – Under the law, it’s not allowed.
  • Wearing Heels in Carmel – If you are visiting this charming town, you technically have to wear flats.

Weird California Laws That Affect Men

  • Not Matching in Carmel – Carmel apparently takes its dress code very seriously, so make sure your pants and jacket match before going to dinner.
  • Don’t Kiss with a Mustache – That’s right. If you are in Eureka and sporting a mustache, you cannot kiss a woman.
  • Opening a Window – If you open a window while using the restroom, you could be breaking the law.
  • Dress Like a Woman – If you want to dress like a woman in Walnut, California, you must first obtain a permit from the sheriff.

Other Weird Laws

  • Storing Christmas Boxes in the Garage – If you live in Long Beach, only cars can be stored in the garage, so you better buy a shed for your Christmas ornaments.
  • Swearing Is Prohibited – There are certain places where you cannot swear, including a mini-golf course in Long Beach.
  • Crying on the Witness Stand – No matter how upset you are, crying on the witness stand is prohibited in Los Angeles.
  • Playing Your Radio – While cruising through Norco, be sure your music cannot be heard outside of your vehicle.
  • Skipping Rocks – Don’t even think about skipping rocks at a park in Fresno.
  • Spitting – In Lafayette, it’s illegal to spit within five feet of someone else.
  • Bathtub Limits – Prunedale must have something against cleanliness because it’s illegal to have more than one bathtub.
  • Light Laws – As crazy as it seems, if you are driving through Redlands, you are breaking the law unless someone is walking in front of you with a lantern. In other words, this entire city is breaking the law.
  • Keeping Christmas Alive – If you are someone who keeps the Christmas spirit all year long, don’t live in San Diego. If you keep lights up past February, you might have to pay a $250 fine.
  • Being Ugly – San Francisco apparently has an image to preserve, so if you are “ugly” don’t move here. That’s right—this cosmopolitan city has a law against ugly people walking down the street.

You Need a Lawyer

Let’s face it: Some laws in California and throughout the country are absolutely ridiculous. Even some of the more common ones may not make sense, but you can be prosecuted for them anyway.

If you are accused of committing a crime, you need a lawyer to protect your rights and represent you in court. Otherwise, you could become the newest victim of an absurd law.